• Deepcool N9 Notebook Cooling Pad (Black)

    • 180 mm high performance, high airflow volume fan
    • All-aluminum panel for efficient heat dissipation
    • Innovative airflow channels for improved and accelerated heat dissipation
    • 6 adjustable usage angles offering more options for achieving user comfort.
    • 4 USB ports allow users to conveniently work with external USB devices.
    • Adjustable fan speed to achieve balance between performance and quiet operations.
    • 3 protective features for safe use at any angle.
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  • Deepcool N80 RGB Notebook Cooling Pad (Black)

    • Compatible with 17.3″ notebooks and below.
    • 16.7 million RGB colors LED, up to 6 illumination modes (3 dynamic modes and 3 monochrome modes), up to 8 different colors to choose from.
    • Capacitive touch key for switching illumination modes and colors.
    • Panel made of pure metal, significantly increased heat conduction efficiency to more evenly distribute heat.
    • Dual 140mm silent fans enhance heat dissipation quietly with fan speed of 800RPM.
    • Two adjustable supporting angles aim to accommodate different users’ habits for better human body accommodation.
    • Two USB 3.0 ports, to provide another USB port after it plugs into one of USB 3.0 ports on your laptop.
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  • Deepcool Multi Core X6 Notebook Cooling Pad (Black)

    • 4 built-in fans deliver high airflow volume for cooling the entire notebook base with no blind area.
    • Creative Multi-Core Control Technology enables users to select from one of the 4 different fan operating combinations: 4 fans ON / 2 upper fans ON / 2 downside fans ON / 4 fans OFF.
    • Ergonomic design with 2 viewing angles for improved user comfort.
    • Massive metal mesh panel for superb cooling performance.
    • 2 USB ports for connecting to external USB devices.
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  • Deepcool N200 Notebook Cooling Pad (Black)

    • Compatible with 15.6-inch or smaller notebooks.
    • 120mm fan delivering high volume airflow to achieve high cooling performance.
    • Massive aluminum mesh optimizes airflow through the panel to achieve efficient notebook cooling.
    • Anti-slip design for safe notebook placement.
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